Why You Should Own A Cordless Drill

Nowadays, cordless tools are everywhere, much more popular than their counterparts. Asides from the ease at which they offer in their usage, they also have some other advantages that you might not even pay attention to. Nevertheless, unlike our laptops and mobile phones, cordless drills are aren’t totally on the bright side of the argument although they can do what their fellow counterparts cannot. Having said this, there are certain tools that are indispensable and a must have for every home and one of them is the cordless drill, here are a few reasons why you should own one over the corded type or let’s say some of these are their advantages over the corded drills.

Advantages of Cordless Drills

  • They Have Torque Control (Also Known as Torque Adjustment)

Torque control or torque adjustment as some would call it is a part of the switch component of the drill which enables you to regulate and control the amount of torque that the cordless drill delivers when using the drill driver to insert screws. The torque control is a delicate tool and one which requires that its usage is mastered, with professional level of usage, you will be able to dive screws to the desired depth and bore holes to the desired diameter not exceeding its limit.

The cordless impact driver, a type of cordless driver lacks this part of the drill and it is no wonder why the impact driver can be full of errors when in use as you can easily apply too much pressure on the switch drive screws beyond the depth that you want and thus spoiling the material in use or damaging the surface of the material in use. The best cordless drill for the money must contain this part as it is very essential for effectiveness. Nowadays, there are about 20 different torque levels on the cordless drill which means you can easily fine-tune the power you want to be delivered.

  • They are Powerful

The cordless drill when compared with the cordless screwdrivers is said to be powerful. The cordless drill is equipped with batteries with very high voltage of about 36V and gear systems that work perfectly well. The implication of this however is that they produce torque of great magnitudes at a very high speed, unlike the cordless screwdrivers that just go about their thing in their own slow pace.

Talking in terms of power, the Cordless drill delivers a torque of about 50Newton meter (Nm) which is about 5 times the torque delivered by the cordless screwdriver which id about 10Nm. Due to the differences in the torque of these two tolls, you will never expect equal level of performance as the tool with the higher torque can take on tougher materials and drive screws perfectly into them while if the cordless screwdriver attempts that, it might end up damaging itself. Alongside this great amount of torque generation, they also have robust gears that are useful in turning the motor of the drill. All of these combined makes the cordless drill a better tool for construction than the cordless screwdriver.

  • They Have LED-lighting to provide ease of drilling

Unlike in the pc games controller where you have LED-lighting for aesthetics, it comes handy in here. Many times drilling is done inside house(s) that are still undergoing construction and so does not have light installed in them.

The LED-lighting makes it possible for you to carry out drilling activities in the dark places of the house as it eases your sight and this enhances the flexibility of the cordless drills. So, when you are using the right angled cordless drill installed with LED-lighting in tight places and you have the lighting provided by the tool, it makes drilling easy and fun.

  • They Have Long Lasting Batteries

One of the frustration that comes with having to use a corded drill is looking for a reliable power source which sometimes may not be available. This however was overcame with the advent of Lithium-ion batteries which are tested and trusted in that they have been used in laptops, mobile phones and many other devices and their quality is top-notch.

Since the drill doesn’t use the battery for all of its function except the adjusting of the drill, the Lithium-ion packed tool can work for a long number of hours without having to bother about charging in the process of working. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t slow your work down a bit and you get to work for a long number of hour before having to charge.

  • Cordless Drills are Mobile and Lightweight

The cordless drill remains one of the best things to have happened to household tools, the cordless drills can be used anywhere and anytime provided the batteries are charged, unlike the corded drills where you are limited firstly by a power source and also the length of the cord which might not be long enough to cover the distance between thee power source and the work area, leaving you with the headache of having to move one of the two closer to the other usually, the work piece closer to the power source. Also they come in handy with the heaviest cordless drill being able to be lifted by a 6 year old child, and thus shows that they barely have a weight that would strain your arms out.

Having listed some of the advantages of Cordless drills over their corded counterparts, it would be wise to get the best cordless drill for the money for proper effectiveness and functionality at home and if this happens to be one of the tools that you make use of at home you might just have found the article to put you through a tough decision of piking either a cordless or corded drill. No matter the price, it is advisable to go for the best choice which in this case happens to be the cordless drill.