Why is carpet cleaning important?

The carpets should always be kept clean and never cleaning kept wet or dirty because in this way they can become victims of moulds or moths. For this reason, we recommend carrying out carpeting, dust or deep cleaning once a year, depending on the dirt. The Ray of Dawn offers a cleaning service for carpets and carpets professional, so you do not have to worry about their care. Our company offers the complete service, which includes the collection, dedusting, deep cleaning with quality products suitable for each type of material, mite removal treatment that prevents its rapid reappearance, and return or storage of the carpet or carpet until you need it again. Our service includes collection and delivery so that you do not have to worry about anything, and without additional cost. The cleaning of carpets and carpets is an important task for the prevention of diseases such as allergies, asthma, eczema, rhinitis or bronchitis since they usually accumulate a lot of dust and dirt.

For the complete washing of your carpet choose a professional and quality company like ours. We are, experts in carpet cleaning. Ensuring the maintenance and hygiene of this type of item is our speciality. The first thing we do when we receive a call from a client for a carpet cleaning is to agree on a date to be able to make the collection, which is totally free. Once we have it, we proceed to our cleaning process where we eliminate all accumulated dirt. Once clean, we proceed to the delivery at the home of the carpet.

With carpet cleaning Las Vegas service, we return the original colour to your armchairs, and we renew your carpets leaving them as the first day. We are specialists. Carpet cleaning Las Vegas clean carpets at home with the latest and most modern system of injection and extraction, and we brush the fibres in a traditional way so as not to damage them and thus be able to completely remove dirt from the base to the tip of the hair of the carpet. In addition to carpet cleaning at home, we disinfect and leave a pleasant aroma on the carpet. After cleaning, in about two or three hours, your carpet will be dry and ready to use and enjoy.

The carpet cleaning process at carpet cleaning Las Vegas:

  • Brushed
  • Soft aspiration
  • Pre-treatment of stains with neutral products
  • Manual cleaning Manual in cold water with suitable products
  • Dried with blotting paper
  • Help with mechanical ventilation at the proper temperature of each fibre

Dry cleaning with neutral products to eliminate more internal dirt that predisposes to the development of the moth! Anti-dust treatment, carpet cleaning Las Vegas clean from national carpets and all kinds of oriental rugs. We offer our clients the best service in the carpet and pencil sector. This is backed by more than 100 years of experience that we have been working on.

If you want more information about this service, contact us. Our specialists will contact you. In addition, the collection of the carpet is free. Do not wait any longer and try our carpet cleaning service. Washing and disinfection service at home, with injection and extraction equipment, use of products to remove and eliminate stains, oiliness and odours, as well as mites and other viruses that are deposited between the fibres.

For large areas, additional washing equipment is used to optimize the washing and drying time. The drying time is between 4 and 6 hours approx. Depending on your ventilation. Additionally, according to your request, we use a high power dryer to accelerate the drying process of your carpet and not damage your floor, in this way we avoid odours due to bad drying. The service time is according to the area or size of your carpet. Carpet cleaning Las Vegas recommend to perform the service every 3 months or according to the transit of your carpet since one of the characteristics of our capital city is dust, which at a simple visibility is not remarkable but for the health of your family it is important to keep your furniture clean beyond the appearance, it is for health, because it is the origin of allergies of children and adults. we are experts in carpet cleaning. After 100 years in the sector, we have perfected our techniques in order to obtain better results without damaging the fabric.

Whether stains of food and drinks are part of everyone’s life. However, you do not have to live with them forever. Read our tips and suggestions below to learn the best way to get rid of the worst stains on your carpet with Chem-Dry Stain Remover products for water-based stains and grease and oil stains. If your carpet has been treated with Chem-Dry Protector, then you already have a great advantage in removing stains. Please note that difficult stains may require a special stain removal analysis from your Chem-Dry Safe Cleaning professional.

Tips to remove stains from the carpet of your office or your home!

Act quickly – The longer you let the stain, the more chances you have to stay or notice. Know what type of stain you are working with, as well as the type of fabric or surface you have to choose the best product. See the list below to see what product to use for water or oil based stains. Remove as much excess dye as possible, brush over the stain. DO NOT rub. Test all fabrics and carpets before cleaning by spraying a small amount of Chem-Dry Professional Strength Spot Remover or Chem-Dry grease and oil remover in a concealed area, dry and observe for 10 minutes. Make sure you do not remove the colour of the carpet on the fabric and that, when it dries, you will not find visible discolouration in the area you cleaned.

Work from the outer edge of the stain inward to spread the stain.

Call Chem-Dry Safe Cleaning, for stain removal and expert stains if these efforts do not work. Have a Chem-Dry professional apply our PowerGuard Protector with each cleaning to give you the best chance to remove stains.