Tips for buying a second-hand car at used cars in Fontana

Buying a second-hand car, from kilometre 0 or almost new are options that more and more people contemplate when buying a new vehicle. A second-hand car can be an alternative that helps save a lot of money but, if you do not choose well, you can spend more than expected. A used car will be a safe purchase as long as it is properly reviewed before its acquisition. In this guide, we offer you some tricks to buy a second-hand car and not have to repent afterwards.

Test the vehicle before buying it at used cars in Fontana

The final test is to drive the car. When you do, keep a slow speed and note that the direction does not pull to any side, put the highest gear and step on the accelerator to check that the engine has no ignition problem. Check direction, brakes, suspension and damping. Also, the braking must be symmetrical and the car does not go to any side when braking. Finally, it reaches a speed of 120 kilometres per hour and makes sure that there are no vibrations or noises if it can be due to the bearings and their repair could cost about 120 euros per couple. Before riding and when going down check if you lose fluidify it does, it could be due to the brakes, the air conditioning or the engine itself.

Request a report on the vehicle before buying it at used cars in Fontana

To make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition you can make all those reviews yourself or request a report on your status. At present, you can access reports prepared from the data recorded in the General Directorate of Traffic, DGT, or by experts and workshops that check the car to know its real status. But if you want to know if you are making a good purchase the best way is to opt for a complete report that includes all that information.

Second-hand car warranty at used cars in Fontana

Compress the second-hand car in a dealer or a private individual you have a guarantee.

Buy the vehicle from a private individual: the sale and purchase of private property are regulated by the Civil Code. In its article 1,485, it indicates that “the seller responds to the buyer of the sanitation for the defects or hidden defects of the thing sold, although he ignored them” during the 6 months following the delivery of the sold. That is if in the inspection you do not find any defect in the car but then discover a pre-existing fault the person who has sold it to you must answer for it.

Buy a second-hand car

Before buying a used vehicle you should check the condition of it and that it has all the papers in order. If you do not do it, the acquisition, which initially helped you save, may end up being expensive. Also, remember that you must hire a car insurance to be able to circulate with him once he is yours. If the vehicle already has one you can choose to change the data of the policyholder and the driver of the policy or cancel it and hire a new one. If you compare car insurance in used cars in Fontana you can save time and money to hire it and add those savings you’ve got buying a second-hand car instead of a new one.

Some tips

  • Individual or agency, it is the same: sellers will always want to seduce us and it is up to us to know how to choose what suits us.
  • Try to see it during the day. At night, in low light, many details can be lost.
  • Do not be guided by the photos you see on the web.
  • If you arrange an appointment, make it in a public and safe place.

Unless you are a mechanic or a great car enthusiast, chances are you have very little knowledge to decide whether a car is in good condition or not mechanically. Do not get carried away by the appearances of the body, because if inside your state is not optimal, you will end up taking a dislike. If you really want to know if the car is worth asking the used cars in Fontana for permission to take it to a workshop of your confidence where the mechanics will know what to look exactly to decide if it is worth buying!

What precautions to take when buying a second-hand car

Taking into account these scams and putting in common other less frequent deceptions, we propose a series of precautions that will help you not to be deceived. If you follow these simple tips it is much more likely that your choice is correct.

Choose between the professional seller and private seller

When you are looking for a second-hand vehicle, the fundamental reason is usually the price (unless it is a classic vehicle or a car that recently stopped being manufactured and that you are infatuated with). In this case, logic makes us think that between individuals it is usually easier to find the cheapest price. Keep in mind that when you deal with a reselling professional, this is an intermediary who has bought that car from another individual and that your profit margin is included in the price that it is going to give you.

We must decide whether to go to a professional or buy the car from a private individual

However, if we talk about guarantees, you should know that the professional must answer for possible breakdowns or hidden defects. That is, you must comply with the guarantee of at least one year. However, the same does not happen with individuals. Although, contrary to what some believe, they must respond to hidden defects.