Positioning in search engines: Why hire a marketing agency for your SEO?

The search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a website as a means of attracting organic traffic thanks to the presence and reliability that generates appear among the first results. Search engines are based on a series of elements, such as design, web programming and content, in order to determine the location of each of the web pages. However, there are two main elements to perform this task: authority and relevance. The http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ is based on the popularity of the content of the site, the more popular, the more important your material will be given and the second is the relationship that maintains the page with the search.

Why is SEO by http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ important for your company?

The most striking reason for the importance of search engine positioning is because it increases the usefulness of your website for users and in the same way to search engines since it is the job of this to determine which page is or is not useful for your audience. The pages that are most helpful will be the first to appear, so your company will gain more exposure and a better number of potential customers.

By hiring http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/, it will be in charge of providing you with a team of experienced professionals in search engine positioning. These creative’s specialized in digital marketing who have focused their studies in this area of marketing, and understand the way in which users do the searches. Based on this, they modify the site so that you can increase your organic traffic, in other words, they will be responsible for coordinating the appearance of your website in search engines in order to ensure you a place in the first results.

Benefits of hiring http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ for your search engine positioning

A marketing agency apart from attracting users supervises the strategy and development of content, so you can exploit the benefits of its creative facet, you can also delegate the decision making based on your knowledge in digital strategy:

SEO positioning

  • Optimize your company’s web results in search engines.
  • ROI through the clouds, soon you will see how the visits will be more and more recurring, the engagement will become more visible and surely after a while, the sales will increase considerably.
  • It gives you power over the competition, as in any marketing area the study of the competition is advantageous, in this case, it allows you to identify and take advantage of its weaknesses as good positioning opportunities in the search engines.

Search engine positioning through the http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/:

  • Works on the basis of search engine positioning objectives; this unleashes the success of content, sales and landing pages.
  • The possibility of brand new business opportunities through market studies to detect the platforms and paths that can favor your http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ SEO strategy globally.
  • Properly manage your SEM campaign to improve conversion rates and take care of your investments.
  • search engine positioning Completely renews the design of your website, by working hand in hand with a marketing agency it will help to find the problems related to the design or technology used, as well as collaborate in the optimization of the content.

Increase your website traffic and improve your Google ranking

By having all the tools and knowledge of a leading marketing agency, you can offer a pleasant user experience by providing valuable content; You also have the guarantee that the work team is constantly updated on current trends so that the content always favours your search engine positioning.

The importance of SEO positioning at http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/:

The main objective of search engines like Google is to give users the best experience as a result of their searches, which is why SEO positioning is so relevant to a website. SEO Positioning (Search Engine Optimization), refers to the optimization of content and internal code that allow to crawl and index a website in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). SEO at http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ allows organic positioning, (without digital advertising investment). A good SEO, which allows you to appear in the first results and good content that is able to motivate your users is the winning combination to attract more customers to your website.

Of course you can pay ads in Google Adwords to appear in the search results, but if you do not take into account SEO optimization your ads will not reach the top positions organically, and in the end, it will cost much more money. Running paid campaigns on Google is the practice called SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is to assign a budget that is adjusted by bids so that your digital property appears in the results when the user makes a query in the search engine.

If you have an allocated budget you must take into account the profitability generated in your income, the so-called ROI (Return Of Investment), so reducing the cost per ad as much as possible and obtaining better results becomes key and necessary. SEO optimization will allow you, after a while, to stay in the search results and reach more customers organically.

SEO positioning, the most profitable Digital marketing strategy

SEO optimization

http://ypick.me/let-us-rank-your-site-for-you/ write the content optimizing the internal code so that search engines can interpret it, optimize load times, and improve the relevance of your website. We work ethically, respecting the policies of search engines

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Attracting users to your website is only one part, profitability is that they find what they are looking for, consider it relevant and generate an action (buy, call, fill out a form, ask for a quote, etc.)


“Customers do not buy products; they buy the solution to a problem.” Our experts in digital strategies use neuromarketing techniques to attract the attention of their prospects and influence their purchasing decisions. Your online presence should be considered with the importance and magnitude that really has, an online strategy in general and web positioning in particular can make a difference with our competitors and those are not achieved with a few € monthly.

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