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No, we are not referring to the hoverboard of Back to the Future, unfortunately that does not exist even though Lexus put the hype through the clouds with its functional concept thanks to hydrogen and magnets. Go to https://www.thrillappeal.com/best-electric-scooters.

Being able to travel more comfortably on long journeys without having to walk is something we all want to be able to do and for this it is essential to have a scooter and nothing better if it is electric as the hoverboard, which have the capacity to reach speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour on some models and with a weight of more than 100 kilograms, so they can be used by both children and adults. Choosing the right or ideal for us can be a complicated task. Therefore, after evaluating the best selling models we can recommend two. The first is the EVERCROSS 8.5 “model, capable of supporting up to 150 kilos on its surface, with a maximum speed of 15 kilometers and a fast loading system that only needs 3 hours to fill it. We also recommend the SmartGyro X2 model that gives you a maximum speed of 12 km / h, has speakers and Bluetooth and a Samsung lithium battery.

The hoverboards have jumped to the fame, although with a name that does not correspond with what they really are, so in many places we will also see how they refer to them as “self-balancing electric skates “.

What is the best hoverboard on the market?

The scooters have always been one of the favorite games of boys and adults; now it is added the possibility that these are electric, so-called hoverboards, so you can enjoy them more freely and, moreover, quickly, because depending on the model you can reach distances of up to 20 kilometers per hour, quite good speed not only for fun , but also if you want to use it as a transport mechanism.

Being able to have one of these at home, either for the little ones to have fun or for the adults to move around and distract, is fashionable and that is why there are models that can support up to 120 kilograms in weight, so that all have the possibility to use them. However, being able to identify which is the best hoverboard on the market can be complicated, due to its multiple characteristics.

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When making a comparison of the most popular hoverboards on the market we can find that there are the simplest of single displacement at different speeds, to those that have speakers and connections to smartphones, so you have a unique experience.

Why buy a hoverboard?

If you are a lover of speed and fun on two wheels like scooters, it is important to have a hoverboard in your home, which is very easy to use and it is also a solution if you need to move to short distances in a quick time. In recent weeks there has been a great stir with respect to the hoverboard, mainly because its growing popularity has led to the emergence of many models at a lower price and in which security measures are not taken care of. In any case, self-balancing skates are one of the star gifts on these dates and here you have a selection of the best hoverboards of the moment, depending on how much you want to spend. Check https://www.thrillappeal.com/best-electric-scooters.

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YUNEEC E-GO ($ 600)

The Yuneec E-Go is a scooter of this type cheaper in the market, which means that it does not come with many features that other products of this type have. It comes with a 400W motor. You can walk 18 miles on a single charge, but it only reaches 12 miles per hour and it takes up to 5 hours to charge. It comes with a control and mobile application.

What is the purpose and how to use an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is used to move from one point to another in a different, fun and automatic way. When buying an electric skate that consists of a base that connects two wheels, one at each end of the base; you will not have the need to arm it. In this way it is enough just to put the batteries turn it on and make sure the indicator lights that the battery charge is ready. Then, you can climb on the platform, resting your feet on each sensor, and thanks to the integrated gyroscope, you will maintain balance at all times. The electric scooter will start to walk; and if you want to turn, you just have to move your foot a bit on the side you want the electric scooter back from. To get off the scooter, you just have to affirm the sole of the feet in the sensors and stay still, totally horizontal. The electric scooter will stop slowly, until it is still.

To recharge the battery, just plug it into any power outlet and wait for 3 hours. To transport it from one place to another, or to store it; you just have to lift the electric scooter with one hand. But, if you acquire a more complex scooter, with handlebar and chair; you must assemble it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once armed the electric scooter, adjusted the height of the chair and secured by the safety pin; to handle it, already being in the place where you are going to ride it; place it on the ground. Enter https://www.thrillappeal.com/best-electric-scooters. Sit and with both hands on the handlebar, accelerate and brake like the command of a motorcycle.

If the electric scooter is for children, in the style of a scooter, you only have to activate it by means of the safety key and then, push it manually, as if it were a skateboard. The electric scooter will start to run at very low speed, until reaching the desired or maximum speed. Many models of this type of electric skate can be folded to be stored or transported. As you can see, it is very easy to use an electric skate.